Community Repaint – adding a splash of colour in Caerphilly

The Furniture Revival operates a Community RePaint scheme, whereby our team collects, reusable leftover paint, and redistributes it to individuals, families, community groups and charities in need. Our scheme aims to improve the wellbeing and appearance of places in the Caerphilly Borough and beyond.

We were contacted by the Trevelyan Court Residents Group, who formed to improve their local community, by pulling together to tidy up their local area in Caerphilly. The residents had already began helping one another with cleaning up of the area and gardening. We were happy to assist by providing 45 litres of masonry paint to assist with their project. As seen in the before and after photographs, Trevelyan Residents Group have done an excellent job in improving their local area with the aid of Community RePaint.

If you are a community group or charity located or operating in the Caerphilly County Borough and wish to enquire about our Community RePaint Project and how it could assist your project, please contact us on 01685 846830 or for further information, please check out the Community RePaint section of our website. #reuse @CommRepaint