Our latest idea of Shabby Chic has been a success and we now have volunteers really putting their hands to the new project.

We recently collected a chest of drawers that did have some wear and tear, but instead of putting it out as it was we gave John and Anthony the idea to change this into a Volkswagen.

They have both spent a lot of time on this chest of drawers and a lot of work has gone into it. From sanding it down, to creating their very own wind screen wipers to go onto the item. This now looks like something completely different and there’s no doubt that this would make a great addition to someone‚Äôs home.

This chest of drawers is now completely unique and this has helped to give customers a new idea on what they can do with their old furniture.

We look forward to seeing what they can do next!

If you have an idea, or want something sanded back then give us a call on 01685 846830 to get your quotes.