Improving People’s Prospects

At The Furniture Revival we thrive on the continued professional development of our team members. We aim to enhance their skill sets by providing work based learning opportunities for our team to grow and expand their knowledge.

Many of our team, have joined the organisation as a volunteer or through a traineeship or placement opportunity and have gained practical experience with us in areas such as warehousing, distribution (i.e. the collection and delivery of furniture) and retail, in our reuse centre, enabling our social enterprise to furnish homes for less in local communities.

We engage with partners to offer our team opportunities for work based qualifications for their own personal achievement, enabling them to improve their prospects and reach their full potential.  With the commitment of the team to their own professional development, they enable us to deliver practical solutions to help tackle furniture poverty.

Our Retail Team are a good example of how work based learning can positively impact on person’s life and positively assist our social enterprise in achieving its social aim of facilitating training opportunities to enhance employability and skills locally.

Stacey and Clare are currently undertaking qualifications at The Furniture Revival in Business Administration and Management, which have built their confidence and empowered them in their roles, whilst having a positive impact in our team. Along with these current qualifications, they have undertaken training in volunteer management, social media marketing, health and safety to name a few.


Stacey stated ‘I have developed well since I have been working at The Furniture Revival. I started off with just the qualifications that I had from school and have now earned 3 new NVQ qualifications and a number of other qualifications as well. I have enjoyed each course I have been through and still look forward to developing my skills further in the future.’

Clare stated “The Furniture Revival has given me the opportunity to develop my skill set to a higher level and I look forward to learning more’