Grab A Unique Piece at Our Merthyr Store!

Here at The Furniture Revival we thrive more when our staff and volunteers take on new projects. One of these projects includes the upcycling of items at our newly opened Merthyr store. Our staff member Claire came up with the idea in order to help develop her skills and the skills of the volunteer that joins her at work in the store.

One of the projects that Claire took on was a vintage style dressing table in bad condition and in desperate need of some TLC. She stripped it all back and revamped it with neutral colours that would suit anyones colour scheme, and then put it up for sale at our Merthyr store, thus allowing members of the public to purchase a unique piece of furniture and add some character to their home.

Through doing this Claire has been able to demonstrate to members of staff and members of the public that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, and even though a piece of furniture may look like it has seen its last day, this isn’t always the case.

Not only has this project helped our store to benefit, it has also reduced the amount of furniture that is going to waste, and it has helped a number of our volunteers to achieve new skills which they could use in their day to day lives. The hope is that this project will continue on at our Merthyr store and will continue to grow allowing more and more skills to be gained by not only members of our team but the public as well.

Claire has quoted ‘I recently started a Furniture Upcycling Project at our Merthyr Store with the help of our volunteers. This project helps the local environment, gives volunteers the opportunity to learn new skills and enables consumers to purchase unique furniture at affordable prices’.